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My name is Daniel Asher Harman, and I'm a character animator. After graduating from Animation Mentor I animated at
Rhythm and Hues
on Mr Poppers Penguins and Alvin 3
Armature Studio on an unreleased game and Batman AO Blackgate
SCEA on Knack
Blue Sky on Epic and Rio 2
Bungie on Destiny
and now working at 343 industries on Halo 5

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Congrats on working at Sony buddy! :D Rock it!!

Thanks, will do. In the two weeks I have before starting I’m going to keep up the studying, posing, and maybe toss up a Faceware test to get some practice in. Thanks for the encouragement and keep checking in.  

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Starting work at SCEA

On March 25th I’ll be starting work at SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America), on cinematics for Sony PlayStation titles. I’m very excited to jump into game cinematics, and have only heard amazing things about working there. In addition, I’ll be joining a team with many familiar faces, so I know I’ll feel right at home. I still expect to be posting here regularly while working at SCEA, with posts on what I am working on personally and professionally.   


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Quick test anim using a clip from Jesus 2000 ( Studying exaggerated 2D animation to learn more about how they did what they did. This is NOT an original animation from me this is an anim I created using reference from an animated short for learning purposes.