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My name is Daniel Asher Harman, and I'm a character animator. After graduating from Animation Mentor I animated at
Rhythm and Hues
on Mr Poppers Penguins and Alvin 3
Armature Studio on an unreleased game and Batman AO Blackgate
SCEA on Knack
Blue Sky on Epic and Rio 2
Bungie on Destiny
and now working at 343 industries on Halo 5

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Quick test anim using a clip from Jesus 2000 ( Studying exaggerated 2D animation to learn more about how they did what they did. This is NOT an original animation from me this is an anim I created using reference from an animated short for learning purposes.

Epic Animated

Just finished work on Blue Sky’s latest feature, Epic. Getting to work at Blue Sky was an amazing opportunity. I had a great time working with their fantastic team. I really hope to see them all again soon. I have grown a lot in the little time I was there, and hope to be able to make some more kick ass work to show you guys. Over the next few weeks I am going to be studying hard pushing myself and my understanding of animation further. I will be posting up quick small tests, nothing impressive, just small learning exercises. I hope to have some news soon on what I am up to next, and when I do I will let you know.  

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Epic Move

Starting the 26th of November I am Joining the team at Blue Sky to help finish their next film Epic. This is a very exciting move and I really cant wait to get started. I am really impressed with everything I have seen so far on the project, and am looking forward to seeing a lot more. If you have not seen the trailer yet, check it out below. 

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