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My name is Daniel Asher Harman, and I'm an alumni of Animation Mentor. After graduating, I animated on Mr Popper's Penguins and Alvin 3 at Rhythm & Hues. I then moved to Austin to work at Armature studio on an unannounced game title, while spending nights studying body mechanics at iAnimate. I left Armature to work on the animated feature Epic, at Blue Sky. Once Epic was finished I moved to San Diego to work at SCEA on cinematics for Sony PlayStation titles. I'm now back at Blue Sky animating on their next feature, Rio 2. Check out my other blog to find some of the freshest and most inspiring animation on the internet.

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Hello Daniel, how can we contact you regarding a project?

I am always open to collaborating on creative projects. I can be contacted at

Next Adventure

In two weeks I’ll be finishing up work at Blue Sky on the upcoming film Rio 2. I have learned so much in these few months, and it has been incredible to get to work with this amazing team on the project. I’m very excited to  say that I will be moving on to another great project. In a few weeks I will be starting cinematic work at Bungie on their upcoming game, Destiny. I can’t wait to join this talented team there, and am looking forward to new challenges. 

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Ask me anything

hi asher . i wanna ask about posing . how can i get inspiration when i start animate a shot .. all my poses are similar also my video reference nothing new ... Sorry For My Bad English.,.... thanks

Great question. I had the same problem for a long time. You have to gather a large collection of inspirational images to use for a starting point.  Character art, model sheets, concept art, and frames from animated wok. Collecting it will help to expand your visual vocabulary and give you a place to go when starting a shot. I personally use to discover and keep it all in one place. I have built a large library and gone there to find character art to help inform the posing in my shot. Set up an account start following boards that focus on character work. Here is a good place to start, and then you can find many boards from there. Best of luck.