THU short shot 4
Rendered an unrendered versions of the shot I worked on for Techno Image’s short for the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn. My responsibility was to animate the characters props and accessories.

Shooting stuff for work!

Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2014
So happy this is finally out. It was extremely rewarding working on this short with Techno Image. I had a great time animating on the short with the very talented team. Keep an eye out for my shot, it is the one with the lightning strike. 

"Hey Jerry, What’s it like learning a UI for a new engine?"



multiple monitors aww yeah

Destiny Trailer - Interstellar

Teaser for the short I’m working on.

"Hey Jerry, What’s it like working in a video game studio?"

Moving forward to 343 


I am very happy to say that later this June I will be joining the Vignette Animation team at 343 Industries. This will be an exciting shift as I have had the chance to work on animated cinematics and in game character animation, but have yet to tackle vignettes. Please wish me luck as I shift focus to my next project - Halo 5.



Departing Destiny

My time at Bungie is coming to an end in June. I’ve had a great time there with the incredible artists on the Cinematics team, and I look forward to the world getting to experience what all of us at Bungie have been working so hard on. 

Latest trailer for the game I’m working on at Bungie.

RIO 2 Behind The Scenes #2: Rigging - Sabine Heller

RIO 2 Behind The Scenes With Melvin Tan.